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7 Natural Language Processing Applications for Business Problems

Did you know, that several years ago, NLP was heavily an academic discipline? Today, natural language processing or NLP has become critical to business applications. This can partly be attributed to the growth of big data, consisting heavily of unstructured text data. The need for intelligent techniques to make sense of all this text-heavy data …

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Linguistic Understanding of Complaints and Praises in User Reviews

This is a short study paper that categorizes positive and negative review sentences into 4 categories: positive only, praise, negative only and complaint. The intuition is that praise sentences and complaints tend to be more informative than plain positive only or negative only sentences. This paper thus tries to understand the properties of such text that we consider as complaints and praises.

Discovering Related Clinical Concepts Using Large Amounts of Clinical Notes

In this work, we explore an unsupervised graphical approach to mine related concepts by leveraging the volume within large amounts of clinical notes. Our evaluation shows that we are able to use a data driven approach to discovering highly related concepts for various search terms including medications, symptoms and diseases.

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