Notes for Students and Data Scientists

If you’re a student, data scientist or software engineer with questions, please read this before contacting me.

I get hundreds of emails requesting ideas for graduate-level projects and code debugging. Unfortunately, given my recent focus on consulting and training, I don’t have the time to help everyone, although I would love to.

Here’s a guideline on what types of emails I generally make a conscious effort to respond to:

  • A well-written and well-explained request
  • Feedback on a specific AI idea
  • How to approach a machine learning / NLP problem
  • Specific career advancement questions

Things I don’t have time to help with:

  • Code debugging
  • Inspecting your dataset and data science work
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Graduate project ideas
  • 1-1 meeting for project/career-related questions (although we can correspond via email)

This is not to discourage you from contacting me, but more to set expectations. Now, you can head back over to the contact page :-).