Kavita’s NLP & Text Mining Articles

These are a collection of tutorials and other articles that I have written over a few years. To receive notifications of new articles, you can follow my blog. I also have some tutorial related code hosted on my Github Repo.

Text Mining / NLP Basics

  1. What is text preprocessing and how to get started?
  2. What are n-grams?
  3. What is term-frequency?
  4. What is inverse document frequency?
  5. What is text similarity?
  6. All about stop words
  7. How to compile a custom stop word list
  8. Giving an IDF effect to probability of word counts
  9. Understanding Nouns in WordNet

Machine Learning / Vectorization

  1. How to build a text-classifier from scratch with Logistic Regression
  2. How to generate embeddings of phrases –Phrase2Vec
  3. Getting started with Word2Vec and making it work
  4. How to start using pretrained word embeddings
  5. How to correctly use Tfidftransformer and Tfidfvectorizer
  6. How to use CountVectorizer for feature extraction
  7. Computing precision and recall for a multi-class classification problem
  8. Extracting important keywords from text using sklearn and tf-idf 

Sentiment Analysis

  1. Interesting tasks within Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis
  2. Opinion Mining Tutorial
  3. What is the difference between Micropinions and Micro-Reviews?

Clinical Text Mining

Useful Scripts / Tools / Code Snippets