Git Cheat Sheet

Checkout a remote branch

Recursively remove files from cloned repos The first thing you need to do is to remove the .git from within each project. If you have multiple projects you can do something like this:

Next, follow up with actual deletion of project directories. The first step ensures that you don’t …

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Abstractive Summarization Papers

While much work has been done in the area of extractive summarization, there has been limited study in abstractive summarization as this is much harder to achieve (going by the definition of true abstraction). This page contains a very small collection of  summarization methods that are non-extractive…

Useful tips on using MEAD Summarization Toolkit

These are some handy notes for MEAD. What is MEAD? MEAD is a publicly available framework for summarization. It is not really an ‘algorithm’. By default (I guess when it was first implemented) it was developed based on a centroid based approach…