rouge2csv – Script to Interpret ROUGE Scores

This is a perl script that helps in interpreting ROUGE scores generated by the perl (original) implementation of ROUGE. If you need Instructions on how to set-up ROUGE for evaluation of your summarization tasks go here.

Assuming you have piped all your ROUGE results to a file, this tool will collect all rouge scores into separate CSV files depending on the n-grams used. For example, all ROUGE-1 scores will be collected into a ROUGE-1.csv file, similarly all ROUGE-2 scores will be in a ROUGE-2.csv. The precision, recall and f-scores will be comma separated. This will allow you to easily visualize your results in Excel or OpenOffice. If you have ROUGE scores of identical runs (usually happens when you use Jackknifing), the scores will be averaged.

Here is a sample input and corresponding output file: [ Input | Output ]. You will notice multiple results with the same run id+ROUGE-N combination in the input file. This is due to the Jackknifing procedure that I used. In the output however, you will see only one instance as the scores have been averaged. If you do not use Jackknifing, you will most likely have one ROUGE score for one particular run, so you need not worry about this.

Usage: perl  

Example:perl results/myresults.txt TEST