Sample Summaries: Humans, Opinosis, MEAD

These are some sample results from the Opinosis Summarization test set. The goal of Opinosis is to generate short abstractive summaries that can summarize the main idea while maintaining readability. If you want to generate your own summaries,  you can download the demo version of the Opinosis Summarizer.


Note: In the table below, you will see multiple human composed summaries for one topic. This is actually composed by different people.

Topic Human Composed Summaries Opinosis Summaries MEAD Summaries

Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS: Accuracy

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Human 1:
It is very accurate, even in destination time.Human 2:
The Garmin seems to be generally very accurate. It’s easy to use with an intuitive interface.Human 3
Its accurate, fast and its simple operations make this a for sure buy.
Easy to use and accurate. Accurate pois.
used it the day I bought it, and then this morning, and as soon as it comes on it is ready to navigate. The only downfall of this product, and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the fact that the speed limit it displays for the road you are on isn’t 100 accurate. Inexpensive, accurate, plenty of features, the only glitch I have found so far is that the speed limits are not 100 accurate, although the GPS, amazingly, is able to very accurately tell you how fast your vehicle is moving .

Toyota Camry 2007: Gas Mileage

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Human 1:
Gas mileage is below what is expected.Human 2:
Gas mileage is good once car is broken in.Human 3:
The gas mileage on the camry was not good as it was advertised to be. Averaging around 25mpg on the highway does not make it a standout among other makes and models on the road.
Gas mileage has been disappointing. Gas mileage is horrible and not good. This car offers poor driver’s seat comfort, poor vision , only average ride quality, gas mileage and to top things off, the car gets terrible mileage . I would highly reccomend this car If your looking for a sporty, roomy, 4 door sedan with good gas mileage.

Bestwestern Hotel, SFO: Parking

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Human 1:
Parking is expensive. Best to get free parking.Human 2:
The expensive price of parking is unacceptable and almost intolerable. You have to let them park your car. Parking has additional fees in the form of tax.Human 3:
Parking is very expensive. However, valet staff are kind and helpful.
The parking is expensive and steep. hotelvalit parking was to much expencive but oke its the location Parking is crazy expensive, we drove up from LA so we had a car , but otherwise, you really don’t need it. Although the parking charge is steep, it seems to be the market price in San Francisco, or as the locals like to call it .

Amazon Kindle: Fonts

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Human 1:
Font size is easily adjusted depending on your preferences. Even if the font is large, multiple paragraphs can still be viewed on screen. The text is easy to identify due to crisp and precise contrast.Human 2:
Varying font size. Clear and adjustable font.Human 3:
The font is clear and adjustable in size. The amount of whitespace as well as font size on screen is configurable.
The font is adjustable and easy to change. I know I need to go to the optometrist, but the Kindle will aide and abet me in avoiding that for a while, the page is easy to read, the font size is easy to change, and my eyes sail across the words, my finger hits next page without me giving it thought. The Kindle 2 is lightweight, easy to hold, easy to read, and I love the fact that I can change the size of the font, depending on my situation.