Letters From Readers

These are letters that I treasure, for the impact I have been able to make with my blog articles.

I’m, a Data Science Intern at a startup in Toronto. I went through your blog article on using TFIDF for keywords and got great results for a problem at work using your method. Just wanted to thank you and appreciate your efforts…

Wasif, Data Science Intern @ AiHello


Hi Kavita, just want to drop by and say hi, I am learning NLP recently and really liked your blog! In fact, I started to replicate the phrase word2vec as suggested by one of your posts on Wikipedia. Thank you for all the posts on your blog.

Louisa, Associate @ Morgan Stanley



Hey Kavita,
I arrived at your profile after going through your articles.They are a treasure trove of knowledge and really help me understand many of the topics prevalent in the field and industry.

Siddharth, Software Engineer @ Yellow Messenger



Hello, Kavita!
I have been reading and practicing with your posts on NLP and feature extraction from text. Your writing style and coding best practices have been of great help in my personal and professional activities. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

Israel, Chief Customer Information Officer @ Evolve Fintech



Hi Kavita,
I have recently come across your blog. It is very clear, concise and well written. I work in NLP as well. I particularly liked your article on TF-IDF, Count vectorizers, where you have clearly explained the usage of methods of the scikit learn API.

Gayathry, Software Engineer @ Utopia Global



I just read your article about the text pre-processing task, exactly what I was looking for, I really appreciate your efforts on summing everything up concisely, thanks a lot again, I hope it helps many others as well.

Vipula, Student @ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute



Hi Kavita,
My name is Slava, and I’m Java Senior Engineer from Odessa, Ukraine. I’m mostly engaged into backend work + some android. I’d like to thank you for the knowledge sharing, it’s super helpful! Please keep up the great and noble work you do!

Slava, Java Software Engineer



Hi, Came across your website while working on an NLP related project. I am impressed and motivated by your work.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. It was/ is/ will be really helpful for all us learners.

Abhishek, Student @ Cal State University



Hi Kavita,

I was reading your blog, and found it very useful and thorough.

Zhenya, A.I. Consultant



Hi Kavita,
Your article on Gensim word2vec was very useful.
We at Mantra Labs are building AI products for the insurance industry. Text analytics is one of the major tasks in those.

Parag, CEO @ Mantra Labs