Finding Related Entities by Retrieving Relations: UIUC at TREC 2009 Entity Track.

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran; Kavita Ganesan; Yuanhua Lv; ChengXiang Zhai


Text Retrieval Conference (TREC) (2009)


Our goal in participating in the TREC 2009 Entity Track was to study whether relation extraction techniques can help
in improving accuracy of the entity finding task. Finding related entities is informational in nature and we wanted
to explore if inducing structure on the queries helps satisfy this information need. The research outlook we took was
to study techniques that retrieve relations between two entities from a large corpus, and from those, find the most
relevant entities that participate in the given relation with another given entity. Instead of aiming at retrieving pages
about specific entities, we tried to address the problem of directly finding the entities from the text. Our experimental
results show that we were able to find many related entities using relation-based extraction, and ranking entities based
on further evidence from the text helps to a certain extent.

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