Review Datasets

If you are looking for review datasets for opinion analysis tasks, there are quite a few out there. Please see an updated list in my blog. Here are some that I am familiar with:

Dataset Domain Description Courtesy Of
Movie Reviews Movies This is a collection of movie reviews used for various opinion analysis tasks;  You would find reviews split into positive and negative classes as well as reviews split into subjective and objective sentences. Pang & Lee
Multi-Domain Sentiment Dataset Products (books, dvds..) Product reviews  from covering various product types (such as books, dvds, musical instruments). The data has been split into positive and negative reviews. There are more than  100,000 reviews in this dataset. The reviews come with corresponding rating stars. Blitzer et. al
LARA Hotels & Products Reviews from and TripAdvisor. It contains attributes such as author name, content, date and the ratings. Wang et. al
Opinosis  Hotels, Cars, Electronics Topic related sentences extracted from user reviews. You will find 51 topics with  approximately 100 sentences each (on average). The reviews were obtained from multiple sources - Tripadvisor (hotels), (cars) and (various electronics). Ganesan et. al
OpinRank  Hotels & Cars Reviews of cars and and hotels collected from Tripadvisor (~259,000 reviews) and Edmunds (~42,230 reviews). For cars, the extracted fields include dates, author names, favorites and the full textual review. For hotels, the fields include date, review title and the full review. Ganesan & Zhai
Restaurant Review Restaurants Contains a total 52077 reviews. The fields contain rating information, review counts, percent and cuisine type Elhadad