Linguistic Understanding of Complaints and Praises in User Reviews

Linguistic Understanding of Complaints and Praises in User Reviews, Ganesan, Kavita A., and Zhou Guangyu , 7th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment & Social Media Analysis (NAACL-WASSA), San Diego, (2016)

Traditional sentiment analysis has been focused on predicting the polarity of texts as positive or negative at different granularity. This broad categorization does not account for informativeness of the underlying text. For many real-world applications such as social listening, brand monitoring and e-commerce platforms, the opinions that really matter are the informative opinions describing why something is good or bad. In this paper, we try to understand the properties of complaints and praises which is an informative subset of the negative and positive categories. Our analysis in the context of user reviews shows that complaints and praises have distinct properties that differentiate it from positive only or negative only sentences.


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