Kavita's Tutorials

These are a collection of self written tutorials. I hope these tips and tricks come handy for your own research and development tasks. For other miscellenous thoughts and opinions please visit my blog.

prepare4rouge - Script to Prepare for Rouge Evaluation

This is a perl script that takes in all your system generated files, then all your gold standard/reference summary files, and prepares it in the format used by the ROUGE evaluation toolkit. In other words, it prepares the following from the input that you provide:

  • models/
  • systems/
  • settings.xml

There are 2 versions of the script, one is output using jackknifing and the other is the usual evaluation without the need for jackknifing.

rouge2csv - Script to Interpret ROUGE Scores

This is a perl script that helps in interpreting ROUGE scores generated by the perl (original) implementation of ROUGE. If you need Instructions on how to set-up ROUGE for evaluation of your summarization tasks go here.

Basics of Setting up ROUGE Toolkit for Evaluation of Summarization Tasks

I have been trying to use the ROUGE Perl toolkit to evaluate one of my research projects but have been finding it really hard to get proper documentation on its usage. So I decided to piece together some information that may be helpful to others. Actually, I learnt the basics of using ROUGE from the MEAD documentation! If you have successfully installed ROUGE and  need to set up the evaluation mechanism, read on. If you need information on how to install ROUGE, go through the README file in the the ROUGE package.