IR & NLP Development Resources


  • Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java [ e-book ]


  • A good tutorial on the REST framework

Text Retrieval Toolkits

Abstractive Summarization Papers

While much work has been done in the area of extractive summarization, there has been limited study in abstractive summarization as this is much harder to achieve (going by the definition of true abstraction). Existing work in abstractive summarization may not be truly abstractive, and even if it is, it may not be fully automated. This page contains a collection of interesting summarization methods that are non-extractive. 

Simple Text Processing

Count Number of Files in Each Subdirectory

# change your directory to command line if passed 
# otherwise use home directory  
[ $# -eq 1 ] && START=$1 || :   if [ ! -d $START ] then
    echo "$START not a directory!"
    exit 1
# use find command to get all subdirs name in DIRS variable
DIRS=$(find "$START" -type d)