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FindiLike: Opinion-Driven Hotel Search

FindiLike: Opinion-Driven Hotel Search, Ganesan, Kavita A., and Zhai ChengXiang , Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on World Wide Web 2012 (WWW '12), Demo, (2012)

Traditional web search engines enable users to find documents based on topics. However, in finding entities such as restaurants, hotels and products, traditional search engines fail to suffice as users are often interested in finding entities based on structured attributes such as price and brand and unstructured information such as opinions of other web users. In this paper, we showcase a preference driven search system, that enables users to find entities of interest based on a set of structured preferences as well as unstructured opinion preferences.

FindiLike - Finding Entities by Preferences

FindiLike is a preference driven search engine that enables people to find and analyze entities (currently only hotels) based on personal preferences. These preferences can be a combination of unstructured information such as opinions or structured ones such as price, distance and so on depending on the domain. The opinion preferences can be expressed as a set of natural keywords such as 'close to place xyz', 'safe location', 'good breakfast', etc. FindiLike also provides tools to further analyze the recommended entities.  

Opinion-Based Entity Ranking

Opinion-Based Entity Ranking, Ganesan, Kavita A., and Zhai ChengXiang , Information Retrieval, Volume 15, Issue 2, (2012)