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Interesting tasks within Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Review Datasets

If you are looking for review datasets for opinion analysis tasks, there are quite a few out there. Please see an updated list in my blog. Here are some that I am familiar with:

Basics of Setting up ROUGE Toolkit for Evaluation of Summarization Tasks

I have been trying to use the ROUGE Perl toolkit to evaluate one of my research projects but have been finding it really hard to get proper documentation on its usage. So I decided to piece together some information that may be helpful to others. Actually, I learnt the basics of using ROUGE from the MEAD documentation! If you have successfully installed ROUGE and  need to set up the evaluation mechanism, read on. If you need information on how to install ROUGE, go through the README file in the the ROUGE package.

Useful Tips on using MEAD Summarization Toolkit

These are some handy notes for MEAD. If you have problems with the usage of MEAD, send me a note and I will try to help you out.

Terrier Text Retrieval Toolkit - A Practical Guide for Terrier 2.2

A guide to searching fields, incremental indexing, parameter control and more...

There are different text retrieval toolkits out there that you can use to build search engines or simply test your new search algorithm. I have used Lucene, Lemur and Terrier.